The effect of light on your choice of flooring

Light has a major role when it comes to choosing a floor. The color and light determine the whole atmosphere in the room. In every room the light is different and colors expose differently. Light from the North, for example, has a rather blue glow, for this reason avoid colors with bluish and greenish undertones. North-facing rooms will not receive daylight throughout the day, it is a lot less light than a room facing south. We will tell you all about it in this blog!

Light from the North

Light from the North is always slightly cooler and has a blue glow. There is less daylight and during the day the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. For this reason, avoid colors with a bluish or greenish undertone, as this can give the room a chilly appearance. Go for warmer tones such as red, brown, orange and yellow. For the record: This does not have to mean a bright orange or yellow on the wall, a white base color with warm undertones also works here. A floor of neutral color is certainly in order here, dress it with warm tones through furniture and accessories.

  • Avoid colors with blue or green undertones,
  • Go for warm tones, or colors with warm undertones,
  • A neutral color floor fits perfectly here.


Light from the East

In the morning hours, the light from the East gives a warmer glow. As the day progresses, it changes and becomes somewhat cooler. This type of light changes the most in comparing with light from the north, south and west during the day. Go for a neutral base like flooring and dress it up with colors in the furniture and accessories. Warm colors will not look good in this space, rather go for bluish and greenish tones. A dark floor with grayish undertones will look perfect here.

  • Choose a neutral base to dress with bright colors;
  • Warm colors do not look warm in this room, go for bluish or greenish;
  • A dark floor will come into its own here.


Light from the South

With the light from the South, the possibilities are endless. Almost all colors come into their own here. This is largely natural because these spaces receive bright daylight almost all day. Both warm and cooler colors can be played with. Light from the south has a warm undertone. Because almost every color does its job here, the color of the floor does not have to be specific. In this case, consider the size of your space, how much light is coming in through the windows and what you feel comfortable with.


Light from the West

With a room facing West, you start the day with some cooler light, later in the day this light takes on an orangey glow. You can easily create an open atmosphere in a room facing west. This is because this type of light contains many natural light factors. Avoid dark colors in the room, go for shades of white, gray and pastel colors. These will give the optimal result. Light colors reflect light, so admittedly provide more light in the room. On the other hand, dark colors absorb a lot of light, so you lose a lot of light entering the room. A white wash floor would fit perfectly here, warm appearance but still of light color.

  • Go for light colors such as shades of white, gray and pastel colors;
  • Light colors reflect light, dark colors draw light away from the room;
  • Whitewash floors keep the room bright.


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