Warranty Provisions

The Solidfloor guarantee conditions

Warranty Provisions

Warranty conditions
This floor has been produced with care. In case of hidden material and/or production defects, despite the period indicated on the packaging after the purchase date, the following warranty conditions apply:

  • If you notice visible defects in the product after opening the packaging, you must report this to your purchase address before processing.
  • We provide a warranty for hidden defects. Parts with visible defects should not be processed. In case of damage, economic depreciation will be taken into account. The residual value is determined based on the remaining warranty period of your floor.
  • The general warranty conditions of Solidfloor apply to this product.

Warranty will be void:

  • In case of damage caused by wear and tear, damage and cracks on the wear surface due to improper use, falling objects, sand ingress, or use of sharp tools or incorrect maintenance.
  • Due to rough and/or improper use.
  • Due to any other careless use of the product in question.
  • If it was already determined before processing that the product had a defect.
  • If the product is not installed according to the installation guidelines.
  • These warranty conditions do not affect your legal rights and obligations.

General provisions of Solidfloor
Solidfloor, a subsidiary of Fetim Group B.V., specializes in wooden parquet floors, wooden herringbone parquet, laminate, LVT-SPC, PVC Click, and Dryback floors. Solidfloor provides a factory warranty of 10 to 20 years on laminate floors. A factory warranty of 15 to 25 years is provided on the LVT-SPC, PVC Click, and Dryback floors delivered by Solidfloor. A 25-year warranty is provided on all Solidfloor wooden parquet floors.

The warranty period is indicated for each product, including wooden parquet floors, wooden herringbone parquet, laminate, LVT-SPC, PVC Click, and Dryback floors. If and to the extent that the customer of Solidfloor is a consumer, Solidfloor notes that its warranty does not detract from the legal warranty to which the consumer is entitled. This legal warranty means that the delivered products must meet what the consumer can reasonably expect from the product. Therefore, these warranty conditions are an addition to and not an exclusion of the rights that the consumer is legally entitled to.

Depending on the type of product (wooden parquet floors, wooden herringbone parquet, laminate, LVT-SPC, PVC Click, and Dryback floors), the customer receives a warranty of 10 to 25 years on the Solidfloor floorboards based on the conditions below.
The warranty is provided for hidden defects within the mentioned warranty period;
The warranty is provided when the client or a third party commissioned by the client has followed the installation instructions and with normal use and maintenance, in homes and in projects such as offices, hotel rooms, and boutiques.
For wooden parquet floors, wooden herringbone parquet, laminate, LVT-SPC, PVC Click, and Dryback floors, warranty provision is excluded for damp and wet rooms (to be assessed by Solidfloor or an expert chosen by them).

  • The warranty period starts at the time of purchase. Therefore, keep your order and invoice number safe. Solidfloor does not offer compensation for installation or dismantling costs.
  • Warranty on Solidfloor floors is provided if the complaint is reported in writing, stating the order and invoice number, to Solidfloor within 2 months of discovery, provided the warranty conditions are met.
  • In case of granting the warranty, defective floorboards will be replaced. If the relevant floor is no longer available for Solidfloor, it will provide an equivalent alternative.
  • The warranty provided applies only to the delivered floorboards and not to third-party costs such as labor, additional materials, and other consequential damages.
  • The warranty period remains unchanged in case of recognition and resolution of the complaint.
  • In the event of a dispute arising from the warranty with regard to Solidfloor floors, all parties involved may call upon an independent expert, who will issue a binding advice. In the application of this clause, the costs must be agreed upon in writing between the parties in advance.


  • If the floor is not laid according to the corresponding installation instructions. These installation instructions are provided in writing and/or by email to the customer by the Solidfloor product dealer. In addition, the Solidfloor product dealer and/or Solidfloor refer to these installation instructions when selling Solidfloor products. These instructions can also be found on the Solidfloor website.
  • When defects and/or shortcomings were already visible or have become visible to the customer before or during the installation of the floorboards in a residential or commercial space, and Solidfloor was not timely informed of these defects after discovering them, thus preventing it from being able to resolve the situation or defects within a reasonable period, and in a reasonable manner. If the customer proceeds with the installation of the floor after discovering defects or shortcomings, the warranty expires, and Solidfloor cannot be held liable to pay any form of compensation.
  • This warranty applies only to the first owner and the first installation of the floor.
  • Defects and/or shortcomings caused by moisture and/or water damage or other causes resulting from force majeure.
  • Defects and/or shortcomings caused by incorrect installation and/or use, careless handling, and use for a purpose other than for which the floorboards are intended, as well as incomplete compliance or complete disregard of usage, installation, and maintenance instructions and/or warnings.
  • Solidfloor has maintenance products that are linked to the different product groups. The use of other maintenance products from other brands is at your own risk.
  • Optical defects caused by the distortion of the floorboards due to changing climatic conditions such as drought, in case of color differences caused by sunlight, and the effects of normal aging and/or wear and tear of the finishing layer.
  • Stains or mechanical damage to the surface of the floor (dents, scratches, etc.) due to careless treatment during transportation, storage, and in case of damage caused by high heels, stones, children, sand, pets, etc.
  • Only Dutch law applies to this warranty certificate. All disputes arising from this agreement will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.

Specifics wooden parquet floors

  • Each wooden parquet floor from Solidfloor is made of wood, a natural product. Therefore, Solidfloor aims to incorporate all customer requirements and preferences into their dream floor. This means that a unique batch of wood is used for each floor. A disadvantage of this is that leftover parquet planks cannot be returned because there may be color differences between different batches of wood. Wood from different wood grades/qualities can come from the same oak batch, but the wood is selected based on the knots, cracks, and other natural irregularities that may or may not be present in the oak wood.
  • Each wooden plank parquet floor has a different oak wood structure, and no two planks are the same. The planks are more susceptible to shrinking and swelling due to temperature and humidity differences. Weather conditions, especially relative humidity, have a significant impact on the shrinkage or swelling of both parquet and laminate flooring. If the humidity is high, the plank and/or subfloor will expand. If the humidity is low, the plank and/or subfloor will shrink, and the entire plank or the top layer may develop cracks. There is no guarantee for swelling and/or shrinkage of the floorboards.
  • The distressed floors are intentionally damaged and therefore show partial defects in the tongue and groove. As a result, mounting these aged floors may take longer due to the above-mentioned facts. In addition, when brushing the oak parquet, any pre-stopped knots that are present may open up. This is because the soft oak wood from the top layer is brushed, causing the stopper to come loose. There is no guarantee for this.
  • Because the wood used for parquet flooring is a natural product, the shade and color of the oak wood may vary slightly after oiling from the sample planks, sample boards, and/or product photos that were observed beforehand. Over time, exposure to UV radiation, use/foot traffic on the floor, and maintenance with natural soap can change the appearance of the floor. There is no guarantee for this.
  • Solidfloor offers you the opportunity to view the floors at home by ordering a sample. These sample planks are only sent as an indication of the color and treatment of the relevant floor. The dimensions and wood structure of these sample planks, also called sample boards, may differ from the ordered floor. Additionally, the color of the final obtained floor by the customer may also differ slightly from the previously received sample. This is caused by different wood batches and wood structures of the floor. There is no guarantee for this.
  • Within Solidfloor wooden floors, some products are treated with a so-called Reactive Stain. A reactive stain reacts with the contents of oak. This means that color deviations occur because each oak batch differs in this respect. Keep this in mind. Floors treated with a reactive stain can be recognized by the Reactive Stain icon.
  • Each product from Solidfloor has a CQA where all information per product can be found. For this, we refer you to the Solidfloor website.