Easy to maintain

Maintenance - Laminate

All floors from Solidfloor are easy to maintain, including the laminate floors. Solidfloor has tailored all its maintenance products to the collection. There is a maintenance product for each Solidfloor floor, which can be obtained through our sales points. They can also provide you with personal advice on keeping your laminate floor clean.

Daily maintainance

Laminate requires very straightforward maintenance: for cleaning, simply use laminate cleaner and cold water. Use a genuine laminate cleaner and avoid other cleaning products, as they can leave streaks. Make sure not to use aggressive cleaning agents such as bleach, abrasives, or descalers, as these can seriously damage the floor.

At Solidfloor, we offer the Easy Clean and Easy Protect products. These cleaning products are suitable for cleaning laminate floors.

Prevention is better

Of course, prevention is better than cure! Use these tips to keep your floor looking its best:


Place dirt-trapping mats at entrances to prevent dust and dirt from being tracked inside.

Use felt pads under furniture to avoid marks and scratches. Laminate floors are resistant to wear but not particularly scratch-resistant. Unfortunately, deep scratches are often irreparable. Superficial scratches can potentially be visually concealed or made less noticeable with a little olive oil.

Direct sunlight can cause floors to change color over time. Ensure that parts of the floor are not continuously exposed to direct sunlight. Fortunately, laminate floors are generally very colorfast, especially compared to hardwood floors. In case of damage, it is recommended to contact the point of sale immediately.

Want to know more?

Would you like more information about cleaning and maintaining your Solidfloor laminate floor? On our News & Blogs page, you'll find various extra tips for floor cleaning. Additionally, you can read more about our maintenance products on our website. Curious about the warranty terms? You can find them here..