Find out which floor fits your interior best in just a few simple steps.

Get inspired

Curious about what a Solidfloor floor will look like in your home?
Check it out in the new Solidfloor Floorplanner.

At Solidfloor we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable floor. All kinds of factors play a role in choosing the right type of floor, not to mention taste or living style. With our renewed Solidfloor Floorplanner you can simply upload a photo of your living space to immediately see what the floor will look like in your home. In this way, we make it a little easier to choose. Curious about which floor suits your home best? Then start the Floorplanner and get inspired.

For every interior there’s a suiting Solidfloor floor

At Solidfloor there’s a wide variety available in al shapes and sizes. Therefore we understand that picking one can be a little overwhelming and complex. The type of flooring that suits best depends mostly on the nature of your household. And to refine this selection even more lifestyle and personal taste plays a big part. The Solidfloor Floorplanner app is a guidance tool to determine which floor matches your interior. The app allows you to play, refine and select the floor of your choice.

Personal advice

Want to check out our floors in real life? With our Sample Service we can send you a sample of the floor of your choice. By clicking on the button “Order sample” on the product webpages you order in a few simple steps a sample. Please note that our engineered floors are made out of wood, which is a natural product. One of the main characteristics of wood is that each plank is distinctive and therefore unique. This gives a wooden floor an extra personal touch. But also, this feature may result in that the sample gives a somewhat isolated experience. Our sales outlets display bigger panels that gives a more concluded view of the floor. These outlets also provide in advice, counsel and quotation requests. Want to know if there’s a store outlet close by? Find out by clicking on the button below.