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About Solidfloor

From where it all started and how Solidfloor’s philosophy remained unchanged.

The history of Solidfloor

Solidfloor has been around for some time now. As part of the Fetim Group, Solidfloor has a history with wood dating back to 1919. It all started with a small assortment of wooden floors in which craftsmanship, design and convenience were important pillars. As a result, with its first-class flooring range, Solidfloor steadily grew as a true understanding in the interior branch. A history we are proud of.

Over  time, the range has been enriched with all kinds of new categories such as LVT, accessories, maintenance products, revolutionary engineered flooring and laminate while the same philosophy remained unchanged: stay innovative in production and design and strive for the highest quality. Each pillar is also reviewed from a sustainability and user friendliness perspective. Following this, no concessions need to be made when it comes to comfort, sustainability and style. Gradually a complete collection has been formed with endless possibilities. For every interior there’s a perfect matching Solidfloor floor. So, this is why Solidfloor has been awarded with the title 'The professional's choice'.

Solidfloor goes for sustainability

Sustainability is a widely used term in corporate communication and has grown in popularity over the last recent years. To everyone the term can be defined somewhat differently which sometimes cause a little confusion. At Solidfloor, we define sustainability as a construct made out of three pillars: 1. Production, in which location and the raw materials used are reviewed; 2. Durability, the pillar where quality and wear resistance is tested, and; 3. The extent to which the product contributes to energy-efficient living.

Corporate sustainability starts with a sustainable product philosophy - Solidfloor



Solidfloor floors are made to last. And we ourselves believe in that too. That's why we give a 10-to-25-year warranty on our floors. The vinyl floors are made of stone gravel. A natural material that naturally retains its solid form when exposed to temperature differences or humidity indoors. This makes the floor extremely stable and will last for years. In addition, the wood for our wooden or laminate floors is manufactured in a responsible way. Following this, the forests remain as no more wood obtained than will grow. This way, we all get to enjoy our planet for longer. In short, with Solidfloor you know you're good when it comes to durability and durability.