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Interior specialist @vosgesparis recently installed the Yampa wide plank floor in her own home in a unique block pattern. It's a refreshing motif that gives the floor a very modern and contemporary character. The Yampa, a classic from the Solidfloor Specials collection, is crafted from an extra rustic wood selection, making the floor exceptionally lively. Each plank is unique, showcasing characteristic wood patterns and knots.

The floor achieves its deep color through treatment with Reactive Stain. This process introduces various color nuances, ranging from warm gray to different shades of brown. The distinctive nature of Reactive Stain also means that over time, the colors will further deepen and develop, adding an extra personal touch to the floor. The dark color contributes to a grounding atmosphere in the space. The deep brushing highlights the wood pattern, especially visible in the oblique light, as shown in the photo.

Solidfloor is proudly your source of inspiration for interior projects. Have you already incorporated Solidfloor into your home? Let us know and share your creations!


Photos taken by @vosgesparis

Visit @vosgesparis's blog post for more details.

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