100% PVC free, 100% recycable


Introducing Solidfloor ECO: Your Path to Sustainability

Discover our brand-new Solidfloor ECO collection! These LVT floors are a true testament to sustainability, as they are not only 100% PVC-free but also entirely recyclable. What sets these floors apart is their composition, made entirely of Polypropylene (PP), from the subfloor to the ultra-matte top layer. PP stands out as one of the most environmentally responsible plastics, offering easy recyclability and a reduced environmental footprint during production.

The remarkable feature of these floors is their end-of-life sustainability. When it's time to bid farewell to your Solidfloor ECO, you can do so effortlessly by disposing of it with your regular household plastic waste. No complex separation or return process is required. Your old floor gets the opportunity to embark on a fresh journey as a new floor or any other product. In addition to its recyclability, PP's lightweight nature makes transportation more efficient, further minimizing our ecological impact. By choosing Solidfloor ECO, you're making a conscious choice for a cleaner future for our planet.

Explore Solidfloor ECO today and pave the way for a greener tomorrow.

Solidfloor eco floors

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