The Advantages of a Wooden Floor

Today there are many different flooring types available. Just to name a few: laminate, stone, ceramic tiles, LVT or vinyl, carpets, and so on. However, Wooden floors are timeless and have never gone out of fashion. Over generations they have remained the Professional’s choice. And for good reason! Maybe you are familiar with the ease of a laminate or vinyl floors, but what are the advantages of wooden floors? Read more about it in this blog. 


As mentioned earlier, wooden floors have never really gone out of style. There is a matching wooden floor for every type of interior, from rural to classic, from industrial to Scandinavian. In addition, if the type of wood permits (such as oak, for example), you can adjust the colour of the floor with a coloured oil or lacquer after sanding the floor. This way you can ensure making sustainable choices to match your style and trends. 


Never the same plank twice in the room 

Wood is a natural product. This means that each plank is different. No plank or pattern is ever repeated. When you look at a PVC or laminate floors with a wood print you will notice that the same plank occurs every x number of planks. With expressive decors this is of course more noticeable than with calm designs, but inevitable with vinyl and laminate floors. This will never happen with wooden floors, which makes a wooden floor unique and personal. 


Durability and sustainability 

In general, wooden floors will last for many years when maintained properly. Wooden floors can also be revived (or perhaps several times) if the floor has a top layer thicker than 3 mm. This is done by sanding and treatment with protective oil or lacquer. In addition, wood naturally retains Co2, which is only released when burned. Herewith you have a small, unique storage of Co2 indoors. All wood used to make Solidfloor's wooden floors is always produced and harvested in a sustainable manner, so forest will survive. 


Wood is considered to be a natural insulator. The material retains heat better compared to most artificial or stone floors. It is a general misconception that wooden floors would not be suitable for installation over underfloor heating. For example, Solidfloor recently launched Solidfloor Heat. A complete wooden floor program specially designed for floor heating, so ultimately durable! 


The maintenance of wooden floors differs slightly from maintenance of other floor types, but it is certainly not high maintenance. Well-maintained wooden floors are stain-resistant and water-repellent, both in oiled and lacquered variants. With timely according to the maintenance instructions with the proper oil and floor cleaners, you can keep wooden floors for generations. Professionals always also advise to add a good walk-in mat at the entrance and add felt caps to cover furniture legs to avoid scratching.  

The Professional’s choice


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