New in the collection: Vinyl and Laminate

Solidfloor has recently added two new categories: vinyl and laminate. With sustainability and convenience as a source of inspiration, the team has embraced product developments to make the collection more in line with today's trends. This has enriched the program with no less than 2 new brand collections: vinyl and laminate floors


Solidfloor Vinyl & Laminate

With the addition of the two new subcategories of hard floors under the Solidfloor brand, a solid foundation has been laid for a true flooring brand that can benefit the existing brand awareness in the flooring industry. As with the Heat program, laminates such as the LVT-SPC collection also consist of 14 different floors. Both collections were subsequently built up from 3 successive price-quality levels; Basic, Loft and Mansion.

Solidfloor Vinyl

The basis of the vinyl collection is made up of the increasingly popular LVT-SPC. This makes the floors not only more durable, but also suitable for almost any space; from residential use to commercial use, they are all 100% waterproof. There are also two herringbone floors available and two trendy stone-look tiles are included in this line.


Solidfloor Laminate

All laminate floors are provided with a simple click connection, making laying the floor a breeze. The entire collection consists of wood looking decors in which many different nuances can be recognized; both in terms of wood grain and color. The surface structure of the floors from the Mansion collection closely follow the wood drawing, including the knots. This, together with the matte finish and the micro bevel, ensure that the floors cannot be distinguished from real wood. In this way you do bring the warmth of a wooden floor into your home and enjoy all the benefits of laminate

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