How much does a wooden floor cost?

A wooden floor complements almost all interiors as it brings a warm and comforting ambience indoors. The price of a wooden floor depends on numerous factors such as the type wood that is used, thickness and the quantity that is needed. The leading factor is the type of wood that is used to make the floor.

When looking from a value for money perspective, laminated flooring is usually recommended. This type of flooring is normally cheaper as the price varies between 13 euro’s to 35 euro’s per square meter. However, laminated floors generally have a repeating pattern and a different impact sound. One of the most unique features of a wooden floor is that every plank is one of a kind and therefore, every wooden floor is personal and diversified. There’s two types of wooden floors; engineered floors and solid hardwood floors. An engineered floor is constructed of layers both hardwood and plywood whereas solid hardwood floors are solid planks of wood without any layers. Hardwood flooring is usually more expensive than engineered alternatives. Engineered floors are normally more stable to humidity and/or temperature differences indoors whereas solid hardwood floors are less stable but lasts longer.

The price of engineered floors depends highly on the materials that are used. The top layer and its thickness is leading when determining the price. Oak is currently the most popular type of wood that is used for flooring. But there’s a wide variety available that all have a different impact on the price. Usually, an engineered floor costs between 35 and 120 euro’s per square meter. Please note that other costs such as labour, skirting and subfloors aren’t included in the prices mentioned earlier. Usually, labour costs allocated to this type of craftmanship vary between 18 and 38 euro per square meter. These costs may also vary depending on the type of flooring that is requested; herringbones and 1-strip planks are less labour intensive to install compared to tapis flooring (a traditional carpenter type of solid hardwood flooring). Wondering what a wooden floor would costs for your project? Retailers happily will give you a made-to-measure quotation.

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