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Supreme concentration and creativity

A good floor is important for both at home and at the office. The work environment has an enormous influence not only on concentration but also on creativity. Sound can be a distraction. For example, it is important that office chairs must be able to roll well and smoothly without making too much noise and that other contact noise is damped. Due to the rolling, or sliding of office chairs, a higher wear resistance is also important. This has been taken into account in the pre-selection of the office floors from Solidfloor. Because a good workplace has as little distraction as possible, the decors and colors have also been kept natural. This way you can be sure that your workplace at home and at the office supports you in your work. Do you want to know which floor fits best? Read more about it below.

A good office floor blends in

An office space must stimulate concentration as well as creativity. This should minimize distraction as much as possible. Distraction usually comes from visual perception or sound. For office floors it is therefore important that it is sound-absorbing or that contact noise is not disturbing. For this reason it is strongly discouraged to lay laminate in an office; the walking noise with this type of floor is flat and sharp. Vinyl and wood, on the other hand, have a more pleasant sound experience. For example, vinyl has a sound-absorbing effect and wood gives a warmer sound experience. In addition, vinyl has a high abrasion resistance which is well resistant to rolling or sliding office chairs.

Design and tranquility

Naturally, the visual aspect was also taken into consideration when making the selection of Solidfloor office floors. In this selection, you will find calm and timeless color nuances in unmoved and natural decors. Of course, there is still plenty of choice, as there are also different office styles and types. Within this collection you will find a suitable office floor for every office interior; from trendy desk to classic office.


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