Responsible business and sustainable growth

Sustainability & EUTR

Our compass

Solidfloor considers corporate responsibility important. Sustainability is a commonly used term in corporate communication and has become more popular in recent years. For everyone the concept means something different, which sometimes causes confusion. At Solidfloor we translate sustainability into various sustainability pillars such as; production location, raw materials used, durability, and the extent to which the product contributes to energy-efficient living

Corporate responsibility starts with a sustainable product philosophy - Solidfloor

In our sustainability philosophy, durability is closely related to quality; the more qualitatively a product has been developed, the longer it will ultimately last. This is why Solidfloor is continuously working to increase the quality of all products. Sustainable production, such as the raw materials used and production location, is of course the basis in every sustainability operation. For example, all raw materials are produced in a sustainable way and we try to produce all products from a close Location.  In this way we all contribute to the future of our earth.


EU Timber Regulation

Solidfloor™ researches its sources to assure that all wooden products that placed on the market are compliant with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR). EUTR is European legislation to prevent the import of illegal timber (products). Timber can only be imported after investigation, when the risk is negligible and there is sufficient confidence that the wood is legal.

Solidfloor™ is a participant in Control Union’s EUTR program and utilizes the Control Union Due Diligence System ‘Woodtrack’ in meeting the Operators obligation as laid down in the EU Timber Regulation EU 995/2010.