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Peace and warmth in the living roomPeace and warmth in the living room

The living room is the focal point in the house. Visitors are received here and you relax here after returning home from work or school. If there are children or pets, it is important that the floor is scratch and wear resistant. In order to actually relax, it is therefore important that the floor is resistant to all factors to which it is exposed. Because the living room is the focal point in the house, design also plays an important role. High-quality eye-catchers have therefore been chosen for the selection of living room floors. Within the selection there is a wide choice between different interior styles so that there is always a floor that fits perfectly. Curious about which Solidfloor living room floor suits your home best? Then read on.


In addition to the fact that a floor has to look beautiful, it is very important that the floors are resistant to anything that may come off them. This could be anything; romping children, football boots lying around or pets playing. As a result, the wooden floors in the living room selection have a thicker top layer and / or a harder finish so they are more durable and will last longer, and the laminate and vinyl floors are provided with a robust top layer. In short, a selection of high-quality floors that can withstand knocks and will all last for years.

Style and design

The living room is a centrally located space in the house. The floors can be passed on to other areas such as the hall or the kitchen, so that the house becomes a beautifully connected whole. Style and design often play a greater role in selecting a living room floor compared to choosing floors for other spaces such as an attic or a landing. Solidfloor's pre-selection is based on a usual household. The pre-selection is therefore not decisive, but provides a good direction. Your personal style and living requirements are important in order to further refine the choice. This preselection therefore includes floors for all kinds of different interiors; from rural farm floors for extra warmth and cosiness to sleek herringbone floors that fit perfectly in a modern interior. So you don't have to worry about whether the floors would be suitable for the living room. This way you are guaranteed to relax completely in the living room; a perfect start to the evening.


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