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Hallway and entrance

Floors that are ideal for the hallway

There are different types of corridor floors; the entrance has a bit more to endure than the overflow in the attic or in the bedrooms. The floor at the entrance must be scratch-resistant due to walk-in dirt. With a good welcome mat, you are in control of most of the walk-in waste. When there is overflow, it is useful if the floor feels comfortable. Therefore, the selection of hall floors is quite extensive; after all, it is great if the hall floor can be extended into other rooms, and the floors from this selection can do all that. Do you want to know which floor is most suitable for your hallway? Then read on.

The Entrance

The nature of the household is dependent on the selection of the entrance floor. Are there children or pets playing football in the house? Then it is useful to go for a wear-resistant floor. Is the household a bit quieter, and are you very fond of wooden floors? Then, of course, you go for a floor that suits your needs. After all, wooden floors give a warm welcome. Wear-resistant floors are either laminate or vinyl floors. However, Laminate has a somewhat district contact noise, which can sometimes be experienced as unpleasant if, for example, people walk with heels. Vinyl, on the other hand, is naturally sound-absorbing and waterproof, which is of course a bonus.

The landing

On the upper floors, floors are generally a bit less heavy, so you can choose a somewhat lower price range floor. For this, a choice can be made between laminate, wood and vinyl. In these three categories, Solidfloor also has different price-quality levels. Because the floors are of good quality and do not have to withstand a lot of water or dirt, the purchase price is slightly lower. Laminate is often chosen for the overflow, but the increasingly popular vinyl has some additional user benefits. For example, vinyl has a sound-absorbing effect and feels warm to the feet. That is of course very nice for the hallway where the bedrooms are located.


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