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Floors ideal for the dining room

The dining room is often adjacent to the kitchen and the living room. To make this space a continuous whole, it is advisable to continue laying the floor. Spills can sometimes occur in both the dining room and the kitchen. Don't panic, many floors can withstand that if they are properly maintained. Vinyl and wood are often the precautions in the dining room. Wood because these floors create a warm atmosphere and vinyl because they are waterproof. Do you want to know which one suits you best? Then read on.

Wood in the dining room

Wood is a natural product. The nice thing about this is that every plank is unique and naturally radiates tranquility and warmth. This of course contributes well to a cozy home dinner for when there is something to celebrate or during holidays. If there are small children in the house who spill now and then, it is advisable to maintain the wooden floor well. Moisture and dirt are only absorbed by wooden floors when the maintenance products such as oil or wax are no longer on the surface. Do you want to know which maintenance product to use and when to use them? Then view our maintenance page.

Or rather vinyl?

All vinyl floors in our range are waterproof. This is of course extra easy in places where spills occur now and then, such as the kitchen or dining room. If the dining room is adjacent to the kitchen and you would like to make your interior a whole, laying the same floor is of course recommended. In that case, vinyl is often chosen; spills generally occur more in the kitchen than in the dining room. However, vinyl is printed. This means that on every x number of planks there is a repeat in the floor. This will be less noticeable with floors with a calmer design or pattern. The vinyl floors within the dining room selection are of higher quality, with the wooden looking floors being almost indistinguishable from real wood. This gives you the advantages of wood and you also enjoy the ease of the maintenance of vinyl.


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