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Floors ideal for the nursery

A children's room floor must of course be durable and able to withstand accidents. In addition, it is also important that it must be free of plasticizers or other chemicals. So that children can continue to play and learn on the floor not only carefree, but also in a healthy manner. All Solidfloor children's room floors meet this requirement. It is now only a matter of style to further refine the choice. Curious of which children's room floor suits your little one best? Then read on here.

The advantages of laminate

In addition to vinyl, laminate is also a frequently chosen floor type for the children's room. The floors are often cheaper to purchase than vinyl floors and are almost indistinguishable from wood. The only differences are water resistance and contact noise; laminate floors are not waterproof and are not sound-absorbing. Therefore, a quiet childrens room would better suit a laminate floor and a crowded room would better suit a vinyl floor.

The benefits of vinyl

Vinyl floors are water resistant and scratch resistant. The floors are therefore easy to maintain and easy to clean. In addition, the floors are free from plasticizers or other questionable chemicals. Vinyl has a sound-absorbing effect and is therefore ideal in busy areas, such as a children's room. This makes Solidfloor's vinyl floors carefree floors.


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