Ideal floors for in the bedroom


Relax and unwind

Completely different requirements are set for a bedroom floor than for a living room or a kitchen floor. For example, it is important that the bedroom floor provides little and pleasant contact noise and feels pleasant on the feet. This is beneficial for when people walk in and out of the room, and you want undisturbed sleep. For this reason, floors have been selected that have these properties. The selection considers different types of bedroom interiors, from rustic and cozy bedrooms to sleek minimalist or modern bedrooms. This way, you know for sure that a match can be found. Curious about which floor that is for you? Then read on on this page.

Laminate, vinyl or wood?

In fact, laminate, vinyl and wooden floors are all suitable floors to lay in one’s bedroom. For each of these floor categories there are different price-quality levels. In the bedroom, durability and stain resistance are less of a priority than for a floor in the living room or the kitchen; thus, the cheaper floors are often preferred for the bedroom. The differences between these three floor types are; impact sound, touch and wood grain. Vinyl and wooden floors generally provide a more pleasant contact sound than laminate floors. On the other hand, laminate is often cheaper and somewhat easier to maintain. Vinyl floors also have the great advantage that they feel warmer to the touch, which is nice for when you just get out of bed. The decors of both laminate and vinyl are printed, so every x number of planks the print is repeated. This will be less apparent in smaller rooms than in larger rooms. If you choose a vinyl or laminate floor with less pronounced drawings, this will be less noticeable. However, this will never happen with wooden floors. So if you want to go for a floor where every plank is unique, wood is the best choice.

Harmony and calmness

Besides contact sound and touch, there are also two other design elements that can contribute to peace and tranquility, which are pattern and color. To fully relax in the bedroom, it is advisable to choose a natural-looking floor. Therefore, the selection of bedroom floors also has natural color nuances, and the vinyl and laminate floors have a realistic wood look.


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