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Floors suited for the bathroom

In places which we can classify as semi-moist or sporadically moist it is advised to go with a waterproof floor. All LVT-SPC floors of Solidfloor are fully waterproof and therefore suitable to be placed in bathrooms. These floors resemble their real natural counterparts. The base of these items are made out of stone gravel that adds another benefit for these types of LVT-SPC flooring; they are very resistant to humidity and temperature differences indoors. Also, these floors feel comfortable and warm to your feet and are noise reducing. This way, you’re fully assured of that your day starts and begins in full relaxation.

A care-free bathroom with Solidfloor’s waterproof LVT-SPC floors

Solidfloor’s LVT-SPC floors aren’t only suitable for the hallway or kitchen, but also for the bathroom or other sporadically moist or semi-moist places. All items from this range are 100% waterproof and therefore suitable for humid chambers. Besides being waterproof, these floors are extremely easy to maintain and forgiving. The core of these floors is made out of stone gravel which brings another benefit to the table; as stone is extremely stable when exposed to humidity or temperature differences, these floors are also resistant to heat differences indoors and are for this reason a perfect fit for floor heating. Also, these floors are therefore extremely durable and sustainable. This way, you can enjoy both the ambiance that a wooden floor brings into your home and the convenience of LVT-SPC. That’s why LVT-SPC stands for relaxation in the bathroom, or anywhere else for that matter.

The sustainability of LVT-SPC flooring

The core of Solidfloor’s LVT-SPC floors are made out of stone gravel. As stone naturally withstands humidity and heat differences, these floors are also less affected by these environmental changes indoors. This can be very convenient, especially as these items can be placed in direct sunlight or humid places. Aside these user benefits, the raw material that is used is way more sustainable than the materials used in traditional LVT / PVC floors. This way, we all do our part in helping the environment.


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