Every room is used in a different way.

The best floor for every room

Every room or space in a house is used in a different way. Logically, this also exposes the floor to other factors. Such as, that in the kitchen spills can sometimes occur, at the entrance sand is taken into the house and that the humidity in the bathroom can fluctuate strongly.

We have already selected a number of floors for each usage area

When furnishing a house, it is therefore useful to take into account what type of conditions the floor will be in and in addition the looks of the floor. To make it a bit easier, we have selected a number of floors that would fit well with a normal household, based on product specifications. Ofcourse, within these selections there is still enough choice based on color and pattern so that you can be sure that there is a suitable floor for every room.

Personal advice depending on your housing requirements

All floors can be placed in multiple rooms to make the living space a whole. As a result, the selections made are not all-determining. For personal advice we advise you to go to a sales point. The specialists in these branches are happy to help you. They provide appropriate advice, entirely depending on your housing requirements and the nature of the household.

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