A kitchen is made to be used


Carefree cooking

The kitchen is the room in the house where the whole family comes together. Due to its central location, the space is often crowded and an accident can sometimes occur. The space is also often seen as an eye-catcher in the home. Style, design and quality are therefore important starting points when choosing a new floor for the kitchen. For this reason, robust floors have been selected that can all take a beating and a splashing. Within the selection, different types of kitchen interiors have been taken into account; from rural and classical kitchens to sleek modern or industrial kitchens. That way you can continue to cook carefree.

A kitchen is made to be used

Whether you have a large family or a small family, food is prepared in every household. Many foods give off color - such as turmeric, wine or tomato - or have a high acidity - such as citrus fruits, yogurt or vinegar. Just like with natural stone, acid also damages wood, which can cause irreversible stains. Just as foods that release color can stain clothing, they can also stain wood. So if you go for a wooden floor for the kitchen, keep in mind that if food is spilled, you must immediately remove it when it spills. Other floor types such as laminate or PVC are more resistant to this. So it just depends on how fanatically your cooking is done. After all, a kitchen is there to be used. With the latest laminate and PVC floors from Solidfloor, lifelike wood or stone motifs can be chosen so that style does not come at the expense of use.

The kitchen is an eye-catcher in the house

Looking for a classic herringbone or a rural strip floor? These floor types are not only available as wooden floors, but also as vinyl or laminate floors. Vinyl and laminate floors are not limited to only wood-look designs, but they also include lifelike stone-look designs in the Solidfloor collection. For example, it would look like you have real concrete tiles in the kitchen, but with the advantages that come with vinyl; a pleasant warm feeling on the feet and water resistance. Therefore there is a perfectly fitting kitchen floor from Solidfloor for every kitchen, from modern to classic. In this way the kitchen becomes a complete eye-catcher, creating synergy between design and use.


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