Solidfloor™ designs and manufactures high-quality wooden floors that provide a warm, intimate atmosphere in all living spaces in your home, but also in hotels, shops and offices. Wood is a beautiful natural material.

Solidfloor™ represents quality, innovation and design. With innovative finishing techniques we create a wide range of amazing floors, each with different characteristics. Sleek, modern, classic or aged; Solidfloor’s extensive and current range offers interior solutions for every taste, style and wish

View the Solidfloor movie

View the Solidfloor movie

High-quality wooden flooring from Solidfloor

Sustainable & inspiring

The Solidfloor™ collections offer an interior solution for every taste, style and wish. We develop floors for sustainable and pleasant living. Solidfloor stands for quality, innovation and design. With the latest technology, we create a grand variety of floors, each with its own characteristics. Whether you are looking for modern, classic, trendy or vintage; Solidfloors wide assortment provides you  with a wooden floor that fits in every interior.

Traditional craftsmanship

From one generation to the next

Solidfloor is part of Fetim Group, founded in 1919 as ‘Haarlemse Fijnhouthandel’. In the past 100 years Fetim Group gained a lot of experience  in the treatment and processing of wood. With a talented and dedicated team our wooden floors are designed from scratch, created and delivered with an emphasis on durability and aesthetics. Throughout the years, Solidfloor grew to become one of the most influential suppliers of wooden floors, available in over 30 countries.

Why Solidfloor

Durable and inspirational

  • Sustainable quality
  • Unique and extensive collection
  • 25-year solid guarantee
  • Easy to maintain