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Solidfloor™ introduces 18 novelties during Domotex 2012

Solidfloor will be present once again during the Domotex 2012. This time, you will be able to find Solidfloor in Hall 9 at stand number E56. The first Wood Flooring Summit, with a focus on wooden floors, is planned to take place in this Hall. Solidfloor will be presenting 18 new products covering three collections. There are four new items in the new Classics collections, each with its own unique classic pattern. The Vintage collection will be expanded with nine new decors, including five hand-cleaved floors that clearly demonstrate the power of wood. The Lifestyle collection includes five pure FSC certified floors. Solidfloor will be presenting all these innovations at their eye catching stand, which has been divided into the three recognizable styles of living.

Four elegant new items in the new Classics collection
Four elegant floors have been added to Solidfloor’s new Classics collection, each with its own unique classic pattern. These four new items each have a full, deep colour thanks to a slight brushing of the wood. A true asset to end users who enjoy having interiors of days long gone, reflected in their new floor. The floors have been given the appropriate names Inverness, St. Andrews, Berkeley and Yale.


Hand-cleaved floors with a rough look in the Vintage collection.
Without a doubt the most innovative floors that Solidfloor will be presenting are the so-called Ax-woods. These five hand-cleaved floors clearly demonstrate the power of wood in its purest form. It doesn’t get any more authentic than this. If you love wood in its purest and most authentic form then this is the floor for you!


Maine, Oregon, Vermont and Nebraska are also new to the Vintage collection. The items have all been handscraped and fine sawn, so the Vintage oak floors have a characteristic look with a lot of elegant qualities. The colour palette is in line with the contemporary colour trends for earth tones. These floors will undoubtedly appeal to those who love an authentic vintage interior.


Lifestyle expanded with five new FSC items
The Lifestyle collection has been expanded with five beautiful FSC certified items in grey and earth tones. This means Solidfloor offers products that are in line with the trend for interiors using pure and original materials and colours. It is not without reason that the decors have been given the appropriate names: Shade, Fossil, Seed, Soil and Earth. Sizes: 10/3 mm 15.8x122cm.


Piet Boon® flooring by Solidfloor™ collection
The unique Piet Boon® flooring by Solidfloor™ collection will naturally be given a prominent spot on the Solidfloor stand. Six months after the launch there are 35 exclusive sales pionts. The concept has been developed in accordance with Piet Boon®’s vision on contemporary interiors. The collection is functional, timeless and durable. And that is clearly reflected in the sturdy square slots and the colour palette, made with oil that has been specially developed for this purpose. You can recognise a real Piet Boon® floor by its stamp of authenticity on the back of each board.


The Solidfloor team invites you for a stylish visit to Domotex 2012, from Saturday the 14th of January to Tuesday the 17th of January 2012 at the Deutsche Messe in Hannover.