Design by Piet Boon

Solidfloor™ designs and produces high-quality wooden floors. We create a warm and intimate atmosphere in any space, be it a home, hotel, shop or office. Wood is a beautiful natural material, no two trees are alike. This means that each parquet floor is unique. Each interior gains its own identity with a Solidfloor floor. Solidfloor wooden floors are qualitative, innovative and designed to perfection.

5 different flooring types

Solidfloor partnered with renowned multidisciplinary design studio, Studio Piet Boon. The result, an innovative collection flooring. Studio Piet Boon is recognized for its remarkable talent in balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality into one of a kind exterior, interior and product design experiences. The Piet Boon Flooring by Solidfloor™ concept has been developed in accordance with Studio Piet Boon’s philosophy. The collection is functional, individual and lastingly beautiful. All the floors are produced in Europe and available in an understated color palette which is achieved by using a sustainable oil developed specifically for this range.

“Studio Piet Boon’s passion is clear in the unique design experiences it creates; each and every element is in perfect balance.”

  • Piet Boon

    We have teamed up with the design team at Studio Piet Boon to put together a collection which consists of five different types of floor, available in seven exclusively selected Piet Boon colors. These floors enable you to achieve the lastingly beautiful and authentic style so typical of Piet Boon. Every floor in the balanced collection is ideal for any interior and also particularly easy to combine in different spaces.

    Piet Boon

    Piet Boon